One more form of birth control “bites the dust.”

One more form of birth control “bites the dust.”  Which one?  What was its history? Why?

The Bayer company is taking Essure off the market.  Essure was marketed as a nonsurgical alternative to “tying tubes.”  Instead of a surgical tubal ligation, done in the operating room under anesthesia, Essure is a small, flexible metal coil that fits into each fallopian tube.  The insertion requires the Essure to be placed through the cervix, into the endometrial (uterine) cavity, and then a coil is placed into each of the right and left fallopian tubes.  The ensuing inflammation causes permanent scarring within 3 months of insertion…so that the blockade will not let egg and sperm meet.

The device has had a troubled past.  The FDA placed a black box warning on the Essure warning physicians and patients about the risk of device migration, allergic reaction, pain, and implant perforation.  This credible warning caused a sales drop of 70% of Essure.  Not surprising, right?!

So, Bayer has decided to discontinue the sale of Essure.  The FDA has vowed to “remain vigilant” to protect women who have already had the device implanted.  Device removal also has risks.  If you have Essure implanted and have no problems, no further investigation is needed.  If you have Essure implanted and have pain or other problems, see your physician.

I hope this helps.  See anatomy below… pretty cool, huh?!

205306264_0e85b01aa6_o (1).jpg

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