Pregnant women, should you ask for skin staples or stitches with a C-section?

Pregnant women, should you ask for skin staples or stitches with a C-section?  A meta-analysis (combined multiple studies) with 2300 patients looked at complication rate or infection, separation, hematomas (blood collections under the skin surface) and cosmetic result.

All 10 studies included showed that the staples group had an increased risk of wound complications compared with the sutures group.  Otherwise, the cosmetic result between the two groups was comparable at 8 weeks postpartum, but at 12 months postpartum the suture group had a better looking scar per observer scores (and similar-resulting scar per the patient themselves).

Want more information?  Journal of Maternal and  Fetal Neonatal Medicine 2016:29 (22) 3.   pages 3705-3711.

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