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Breastfeeding linked with reduction in diabetes…

Breastfeeding linked with reduction in diabetes… This is not new news, as my children are now teenagers…and this was known then. What is new is the percentage DROP in incidence of diabetes in mothers who breastfed per JAMA Internal Medicine. … Continue reading

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Do you need one more reason to breastfeed?

Do you need one more reason to breastfeed? Breastfeeding has been found to help the infant populate their gut biome.   A study was recently done which showed that there is vertical transfer of microbes from the mother to her … Continue reading

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Why breastfeed?

Too many reasons to list. . . but I’ll try. Benefits for mother: increased physical closeness with baby, decreased risk of breast cancer, decreased risk of ovarian cancer, decreased risk of endometrial cancer, less blood loss after birth which may … Continue reading

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Need help returning to work as a breastfeeding mom?

Know the benefits! Several studies show that breastfeeding helps individual families as well as employers– improved productivity and employee loyalty, enhanced public image of the employer, AND decreased absenteeism, health care costs, and employee turnover. Employers must provide “reasonable break time … Continue reading

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Breast-Feeding May Limit Obesity Risk – NYTimes.com

Want to decrease your kids’ chance of being overweight?  Great new study confirming the importance of breastfeeding (hooray!) AND waiting to start solids until baby is at least 4 months old.  Here is the link. . . Breast-Feeding May Limit … Continue reading

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