Tai chi, one pathway to a better life.

I have seen groups of people performing tai chi in the park and wondered what was the draw to (what seemed to me)… arm waving.  I know, I am unenlightened.  A recent internal medicine journal cites a study showing tai chi significantly improves heart failure patients’ quality of life.

Tai chi is actually a gentle, meditative exercise of flowing circular movements, weight and balance shifting, visualization, breathing techniques and focused internal awareness.   In one study, patient’s performed tai chi for one hour twice a week with an instructor and were encouraged to practice three times a week.

After 12 weeks the tai chi patients had

  • better mood scores,
  • less depression and
  • better exercise tolerance than those in a heart health education program only.

These studies spurn me to learn about complementary practices that I know little about.

Hope this helps.

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