ooh so common foot pain. . . plantar fasciitis.

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Is the first step of the day your worst?    Plantar fasciitis may be your problem.

Risk factors for plantar fasciitis are

  • excessive running,
  • high arch,
  • when one leg is longer than the other,
  • obesity,
  • occupations with prolonged standing or walking,
  • sedentary lifestyle,  and
  • Achilles tendon tightness.

Your physician will perform a history and physical which may reveal plantar fasciitis as the diagnosis.  X-rays are rarely needed.

Treatment can be done in stages.  Initial treatment should be tried for a few weeks.

  1. rest
  2. modification of activities,
  3. ice massage,
  4. pain medication, and
  5. stretching

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If heel pain persists, then physical therapy, foot orthotics, and night splinting (see picture) may be needed.

Foot orthotics  are inserts that fit into shoes.  Ones that may help include over-the-counter heel cups, over-the-counter heel or arch orthotics, and custom-made foot orthotic.

90% of patients will improve with the above techniques.  Pain lasting 6 months depspite therapy may require shock wave therapy or a surgery called plantar fasciotomy.

Here’s a video of stretching exercises http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t2KkdMlqRZU

Hope this helps.

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