Gonorrhea. The G word.

flickr.com /photos/ jakefowler/ 34989134Nuts-and-bolts about gonorrhea.

  • Sexually transmitted.
  • Symptoms are different for men and women.  For men, the most common symptom is pain with urination.  In women, less than ½ have symptoms.  When present, symptoms are vaginal discharge and pain with intercourse.
  • 10 to 40% are coinfected with Chlamydia, too.
  • Cure rates are 95% with a single dose of antibiotics.

The natural history of untreated gonorrhea infection is weeks (to  months) of unpleasant symptoms… and then spontaneous resolution and clearance of the bacteria.  This means that you can get rid of the infection without antibiotics, but if left untreated, you are a vector and can pass this infection to others. And, gonorrhea can cause pelvic inflammatory disease (PID) which may lead to pelvic pain, pain with intercourse, and to infertility.

Ways to avoid gonorrhea?   Don’t have oral, anal or vaginal intercourse.  If you are with a new partner,have yourself and a new partner (go as a couple!  have fun with it) tested for sexually transmitted infections.  Use condoms.

Hope this helps.

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