What treatment is best for appendicitis?

https://www.photos /jjjohn/3924006096

https://www.photos /jjjohn/3924006096

Appendicitis is when a part of the small intestine (called the appendix) is inflamed.  Each of us has an approximate 7% lifetime risk of having appendicitis.

Why is appenditis important?  Death can result if appendicitis isn’t treated.  If the appendix gets  inflamed, this can lead to an abscess (pus pocket) and if it bursts the infection can be transmitted throughout the abdomen (called peritonitis).

What is the treatment for appendicitis?  Standard of care has been emergent surgical removal of the appendix.  Recent studies (which are weak and may be confounded) have shown  benefit with antibiotics.  There were also no studies done on children, so we are unsure how antibiotics and surgery compare to eachother in the treatment of children.

At this point, if I (or my child) had appendicitis, I would ask for surgical resolution of the problem.



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