Shingles pain relief

herpes zoster day 6. lesions joining other lesions.

herpes zoster day 6. lesions joining other lesions.

There are a “Big Three” of shingles treatment: antivirals, rest, and pain management.  At a recent American Academy of Dermatology meeting treatment of shingles was discussed.  The Big 3 will help halt the progression of the disease and decrease viral shedding.



  • Rest is important and mandatory for treatment.
  • Antiviral treatment will only work if it is started in the first 72 hours.  There are a few antivirals that can be started. They are all in the same “family” but are dosed at different times and some are more expensive.
  • Pain medicine may be prescribed by your physician.

Additional therapies may help…

  • Steroids by mouth may help if the area looks inflamed.
  • Lidocaine patches and capsaicin cream are both effective for topical pain and work best if used consistently.
  • Gabapentin is also a pill that can help blunt the nerve pain that may occur with or after shingles outbreaks.

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