Exercise. Why? and how?

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Exercise has benefits!

  1. Lower incidence of heart disease, type 2 diabetes.
  2. Live longer.  Consider that your time exercise may be paid back to you later in life in longevity.
  3. Better circulation
  4. Ward of depression
  5. Makes you more creative, have more focus, and increase productivity
  6. Helps you sleep better

Move your body!

25% of adults are sedentary.  Lack of exercise is one of the top modifiable risks to decrease cardiovascular disease.

Exercise can be split up throughout the day.  Aim for 20 minutes of moderate exercise every day.  This can be a walk around the block… or walk from the far end of the parking lot. 

How to build this into your day?  Make a plan!  Have gym shoes in your car ready to go.  Like to listen to music or podcasts?  Pair your exercise with something you enjoy and have your headphones ready.  Bad weather coming?  Have a backup plan (walk the mall or big box store). Need a partner?  Make a standing date with a friend or get a dog!  Make it convenient: get a treadmill desk or pace when talking on the phone.  Do you want to monitor your progress?  Get a tracker.

What kind of exercise is beneficial?  3 different kinds of exercise are beneficial: aerobic, resistance, and stretching.

  1. Aerobic is raising your heart rate (swimming, walking, bicycling). 
  2. Resistance training is using weights or resistance bands.
  3. Stretching is just that.  Try yoga or pilates if you would like to take an organized group to learn how to stretch, or find stretching regimen on youtube!

Most benefit is from going from zero to SOME exercise.  This will impact your overall health.  Get a move on….

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