How to decrease your risk of getting breast cancer?

How to decrease your risk of getting breast cancer?

Breastfeed your babies!  It is also convenient, good for baby, and free.

Lose weight.  For postmenopausal women with obesity (BMI >30), there is a 20-40% INCREASED risk of breast cancer.  In premenopausal women who are obese and have breast cancer, there is an increased chance they will have a more-aggressive triple-negative breast cancer.  Obesity is associated with worse breast cancer outcomes for women of all ages (shorter time to recurrence and increased risk of death from breast cancer).  This may be due to adipose (fat cells) holding onto estrogen, causing inflammation and being associated with hyperinsulinemia.  These abnormalities can cause disrupted cellular mechanisms and downregulate immunity, letting cellular abnormalities (cancer cells) to go unchecked.

WHAT you eat is important.  High total fruit and vegetable consumption is associated with a reduced risk overall risk of breast cancer.  Starchy vegetables (corn, peas, potatoes) do not count, so avoid those. Whole grains are also helpful.

DO physical activity.  1 in 8 breast cancers can be prevented with physical activity.  The 2020 American cancer Society Guidelines for Diet and Physical Activity for Cancer Prevention recommend 150 to 300 minutes of moderate-intensity (or 75 minutes of vigorous) physical activity weekly.  Get active.

Avoid alcohol.  Alcohol is considered a carcinogen and is linked to seven types of major cancers, including breast cancer. Any amount of alcohol increases the risk of breast cancer.  More alcohol use is associated with higher risk. Alcohol causes systemic changes of increased acetaldehyde, interference with metabolizing folate, inflammation, and increased estradiol.

I hope this helps.

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