The sexual history questions your physician may ask…

The sexual history questions your physician may ask… photos/ tokaris/ 207335658

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recently updated their “A Guide to Taking a Sexual History.”  The list is usually tailored to those questions that seem appropriate for the patient.

Any sexually active person, regardless of age, should be asked these questions. The STI rate in postmenopausal women increased 50% in the past decade. The most important predictor of STIs in older persons is the number of sexual partners they’ve had in the past year.

1. Partners: Are you currently having sex of any kind—oral, vaginal, or anal—with anyone? In recent months, how many sex partners have you had? What is the gender(s) of your partner(s)? Do you or your partner(s) currently have other sex partners?

2. Practices: What parts of your body are involved when you have sex? Do you have genital sex, anal sex, oral sex? Do you meet your partners online or through apps?

3. Protection: Do you and your partner(s) discuss prevention of STIs? If so, what kind of prevention tools do you use, and how often do you use it?

4. History of STIs: Have you been diagnosed with an STI in the past? When? Did you get treatment? Do you have any of those symptoms that return? Do you know the HIV status of your partner(s)?

5. Pregnancy intention: Do you think you would like to have [more] children at some point? When do you think that might be? How important is it to you to prevent pregnancy [until then]? Are you or your partner using contraception or practicing any form of birth control?

6. Experts recommended an “aspirational” question addressing pleasure, but has not been included in the guide: Are you satisfied with the sex that you are having?

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