What are red flag signs for headache?

What are red flag signs for headache?

Red flags are concerning symptoms that need further investigation.  See your physician if you have any red flag signs.

Headache red flags:

Systemic symptoms: fever, chills, immunocompromised condition, infection, muscle aches, night sweats, weight loss, pregnancy, postpartum, cancer

Neurologic symptoms: double vision, impaired consciousness, pulsatile ringing in the ears, seizures, confusion.

Onset: occurs intensely within a few minutes like a “thunderclap” headache.

Older:  Headaches starting after age 50

Progression:  If there is a change in headache features, pattern or severity over time.

Precipitated by bearing down (like with a bowel movement or sit-ups)

Worse with lying down.

Swelling of the optic nerve with headache (seen by eye doctor)

Headaches worsen with exercise


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