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When (and which) can we stop doing screening tests?

I am often asked ” Do I still need. . . . mammograms? pap smears? prostate screening?” These are good questions. this depends on the patient’s current quality of life and life expectancy. Female cancers that are routinely screened for … Continue reading

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How long should oral bisphosphonates (an osteoporosis medicine) be taken?

Short answer: Five years or less. Studies found little, if any, benefit in reducing fractures after taking bisphosphonates (a class of osteoporosis medicine) for more than five years. Furthermore, oral bisphosphonate use for longer than five years is associated with … Continue reading

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Hormone Replacement Therapy (And the Alternatives)

When I started med school, estrogen was a panacea—beneficial for nearly every postmenopausal ailment: mood, heart and bone.  Then in 2002 the Women’s Health Initiative clinical trial was published.  This showed that combined estrogen with progesterone increased the risk of … Continue reading

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Do your bones deserve a density screening?

New update!  Federal recommendations provide more detail on when to screen women UNDER age 65 for osteoporosis.    Osteoporosis is when bones are less dense and therefore, are more likely to break, or fracture. White people are at higher risk of … Continue reading

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Vitamin D: Is it the new magical pill?

Vitamin D.  Is it a panacea?   We now know how important Vitamin D is to the body and how hard it is to get the recommended daily allowance when it is raining here in Wichita.  New guidelines show infants, … Continue reading

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