2 Tylenol changes: Packages recalled AND Change in medication strength.

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Tylenol has recalled nearly 600,000 infant Tylenol packages.  Click onto the Tylenol website below to see if your bottle needs to be returned.


Strength change:

Liquid acetaminophen for infants has always been available in one dose.  That dose has changed.   Parents need to look at the strength of their acetaminophen: the old infant dropper 80mg/0.8 ml OR new 160 mg/5ml formula.

It’s important to follow the packaging directions.  The new formula may also be packaged with an oral syringe, instead of the dropper parents are accustomed to.  FDA warns “do not mix and match dosing devices” as you may give TOO much acetaminophen.  Too much acetaminophen is toxic.

At my kids’ childcare center, there was a posted sign with the “5 Rs”: Right Patient, Right Route, Right Frequency, Right Dose, and Right Medicine.

Check.  Double check.


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