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2 Tylenol changes: Packages recalled AND Change in medication strength.

Recall:  Tylenol has recalled nearly 600,000 infant Tylenol packages.  Click onto the Tylenol website below to see if your bottle needs to be returned. http://www.tylenol.com/page2.jhtml?id=tylenol/news/subp_tylenol_recall_8.inc Strength change: Liquid acetaminophen for infants has always been available in one dose.  That dose … Continue reading

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How much is a spoonful of sugar?

The National Safety Council’s data shows that non-narcotic and non-hallucinogenic drugs killed over 9,000 Americans in 2003 (most recent data). The importance of the DOSE and the FREQUENCY of medication cannot be understated. According to the American Academy of Pediatrics, research … Continue reading

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Vitamin D: Is it the new magical pill?

Vitamin D.  Is it a panacea?   We now know how important Vitamin D is to the body and how hard it is to get the recommended daily allowance when it is raining here in Wichita.  New guidelines show infants, … Continue reading

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