Is there a magic bullet for weight loss? 5528593758 /sizes/o/i n/photolistYes, we have one.  But, it seems too simple. . . not glitzy enough.  We do have a multitude of interventions, tips, tricks, tools which MAY help combat weight challenges.  Interventions vary in cost to the individual and to the health care system.  At one end is bariatric surgery (like gastric bypass), and at the other. . . water!  Yes, the treatment is water!

The increasing preference for sugar-sweetened drinks has primed the world for an obesity epidemic.  Research suggests that low- (or no-) calorie sweeteners may actually “prime” you to consume more  calories at the next meal.

Unlike other beverages, water has been shown to reduce total energy intake, increase the feeling of fullness, increase energy expenditure, and reduce the feeling of hunger.  Premeal water consumption (16 ounces is a good amount) may reduce caloric consumption due to earlier satiety.

It’s an easy to incorporate, free, and accessible treatment. . . Water.  Enjoy!

Want more information?  Check out American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, 2013; 98: 282-299.

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