Well, med school was wrong again!

flickr.com/photos/ axis/8743610464/We hear in med school that half of what we learn we will later find out is wrong.  But, which half?  We know future studies reveal different “truths” and I appreciate the need to debunk old theories if indeed they are not correct.

What is the latest debunking?  Omega-3 fatty acids have been prescribed to help cardiovascular protection and possibly help decrease all-cause mortality, heart attack, sudden death and stroke.  Well, that’s wrong.  The latest (according to a meta-analysis of over 68,000 patients) is that taking omega-3 supplements does NOT lower cardiovascular risk.  There are, however, no harmful effects of omega-3 supplements.  This brings up a point that sometimes advice we give to help actually (upon further experimentation) is found to harm.  But, omega-3 is not thought to harm.  So, if you’d like to continue to take them that’s okay!

Certainly eating two servings of fish per week may be helpful (as you may substitute this instead of greasy cheeseburgers).  Hope this helps.

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