“Pajama time” finishing clinic notes? How does your doctor finish their day?

“Pajama time” finishing clinic notes? How does your doctor finish their day?

The New England Journal of medicine ran an interesting article. Attached is a graph of how doctors finish their day. It’s absurd. I urge my kids (and every medical student I meet) that they should practice typing games online. Its fun, but also may allow you to get-home-on-time AND be mentally present for your family. This is true for ANY field.

I type 110 words a minute so my “pajama time” is usually not spent looking at my work’s electronic health record (EHR). I did have a young patient once remark that I’d have made a great secretary… I agreed with him.

Here’s that short and enlightening article of how much time is spent on EHRs and how the system can be changed. EHRs are causing physician burnout. It’s tedious patient care meant to justify billing to insurance companies. Doctors are retiring or changing fields (away from patient care) in droves. Beware patients… this really does affect you.



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